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Taking Steps on the Path of Peace

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Our social business, Taking Steps, created by our Women’s Group is a powerful way you can support our work and share our message of reconciliation.

The ‘Bird of Peace’ has become our iconic symbol of reconciliation. Our Women’s Group first embroidered the symbol onto sports shoes. Women, both locally and internationally, including celebrities like Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, Barbra Streisand, and Cate Blanchett have already bought the shoes and donated to the project. The second product comes in the form of a patch and shoelaces in which people can adapt their existing sports shoes into the Taking Steps product.

Learn more about the Taking Steps project, our Women’s Group, and upcoming events below!


Storymakers 2016

Help the Parents Circle-Families Forum spread its message of peace, reconciliation, and hope for bereaved Israelis and Palestinians! Vote for “Taking Steps” for TechSoup’s Storymakers 2016 challenge, share it on social media, and help us win $5000!

Watch the video and vote here.

“If I who lost a loved one to the conflict can walk the path of peace, then surely you can too.”

2016 Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony

On May 10th, the Parents Circle-Families Forum and our friends at Combatants For Peace held the 11th Annual Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony.

The ceremony comes to remind us that war is not an act of fate but one of human choice. On this particularly difficult day we called upon both sides to acknowledge the pain and the aspirations of those living on the other side and for each of us to strive to prevent the next war. At the ceremony, Israeli and Palestinian bereaved families spoke about their personal pain.

The evening also featured performances by notable artists including Ohad Naharin, the artistic director and choreographer of the Batsheva Dance Company; Sha’anan Streett, the lead vocalist of Hadag Nahash; and the Arab-Jewish women’s choir Rana. Members of Knesset Zehava Gal- On and Esawi Frej of Meretz were also in attendance.

2016 Memorial Day Ceremony

“We shall not take revenge; we will fight for a noble cause. We will fight for life and not for death.” –Arab Aramin, bereaved brother of Abir Aramin

This year, over 3,000 people filled the Shlomo Group Arena in Tel Aviv, and every year, more and more Israelis and Palestinians attend the ceremony. Satellite events took place in Boston, NY and Berlin. It is not too late to support the growing costs of the ceremony. Please visit and share our Indiegogo Generosity campaign.  Watch a recording of the 2016 Memorial Day Ceremony, with English Subtitles.

Reconciliation News and Noteworthy

The Parents Circle approaches fostering reconciliation in many ways. We want to share with you a look at a few of our recent achievements:

Second Annual Parallel Narrative Experience Alumni Conference

On Friday, March 4th, 130 Palestinians and Israelis gathered at Everest Hotel in Beit Jala for EU Rep and Directorsthe second annual Parallel Narrative Experience (PNE) Alumni Conference, part of the EU-funded Across Two Narratives project.

This was the second time PCFF staff and members planned such a conference under the reality of on-going violence, the first being in the wake of the 2014 war in Gaza.

The Parents Circle Visits Italy

In March, 10 Israeli and Palestinian youth ages 14-18, traveled with two member chaperons to the Fiori diPace (Flowers of PCFF Youth ItalyPeace) spring program, at which Israeli and Palestinian youth met to engage in dialogue with Italian youth and share their experiences in the ongoing violence, aiming to foster an understanding of the other’s point of view and a humanization of the perceived enemy



Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony, 10 May 2016

On this evening we all gather – Israelis and Palestinians – to remember the victims of violence on both sides, and to remind everyone that war is not an act of fate. Memorial Service PCFF CfPThe recent period in our region is a period of violence, tension and suffering for both people, and many additional families have already been added to the cycle of bereavement and pain.

This year the Memorial takes on particular importance due to the tension and violence between the two peoples, the growing hostility amongst the Israeli public and the public debate over the rights of each side to mourn its own. This year, more than ever, we need your help.

Each year we are forced to take even larger halls, still unable to accommodate all who wish to attend this special event – which in many ways has become the annual expression of the pain but also the hopes of Israelis and Palestinians who seek peace and an end to the occupation. Please help spread the word about this event on social media, and consider making a donation to help us make this event a reality.

As in the past, the ceremony will be carried live on the Internet, in English, Arabic, and Hebrew.  Further details may be found here and on the website of Combatants for Peace and the website of The Parents Circle- Families Forum. Information may be also found on the Facebook page of the Memorial Ceremony.

To view the short film on the 2015 ceremony, click here.


Meet Wajeeh and Yael

American Friends introduces you to the Israeli and Palestinian Board Chairs of the Parents Circle-Families Forum. Both Wajeeh Tumaizee and Yael Admi lost brothers to the violence in Israel and Palestine, and both have dedicated their time and leadership to the Parents Circle and its mission.

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NPR Interview with the Parents Circle’s Bassam Aramin

A Palestinian Takes A Different Road In His Fight

Bassam NPR 2Hear and read from Bassam Aramin, the Parents Circle’s Palestinian spokesperson, about his youth in Palestine, and how his time in an Israeli prison and the loss of his daughter Abir to the conflict caused a radical change in his heart, from hatred to peace. From the NPR article:

Bassam Aramin was not born hating Israel, but he learned young.

He was 5 or 6 years old the first time he saw Israeli soldiers. This was about a decade after the 1967 war, when Israel captured the West Bank. Aramin’s large family lived an ancient lifestyle. Like many families in the area, their home was in a cave in the south, near Hebron. They farmed for a living.

Now 46, Aramin looks back on a fast track to hating and to fighting Israel that would be familiar to many Palestinians. But eventually he flipped — both his worldview and his ways.

He credits a very unexpected stir of empathy that happened in an unexpected place.


PCFF’s Robi Damelin Receives Dewey Award

Dewey Winburne SXSW flyer Robi SXSW Dewey 3Congratulations to the Parents Circle’s Israeli spokesperson, Robi Damelin! Robi was honored yesterday at SXSW’s Dewey Winburne Community Service Awards ceremony for her continued and brave work in peacebuilding and reconciliation in Israel and Palestine. From the SXSW webpage for the awards:

Dewey Winburne was one of the original co-founders of the SXSW Interactive Festival, but he was many other things in the Austin community: a family man, a teacher, a visionary, a connector and an innovator. He believed that technology could bridge the digital divide and help those less fortunate than others. Although Winburne passed away in 1999, his legacy continues. His life exemplified how one individual can truly make an impact in their community.

The Dewey Awards celebrate the spirit of community in Austin that we think is unique to SXSW. Each spring, ten recipients are recognized for their use of digital technology to help others. Each honoree will receive a complimentary registration to SXSW, a $1,000 grant to their favorite 501(c)(3) and a chance to spread the word about their work to the SXSW community.

In Honor of International Women’s Day

Today, on International Women’s Day, we celebrate the work of the bereaved Palestinian and Israeli women of the Parents Circle and their personal journeys towards reconciliation.

women to women dialogue 2.27
Women-to-Women Dialogue Meeting, 2.27.2016 in Jaffa

Last summer, the American Friends of the Parents Circle successfully raised funds that went towards training 45 Israeli and Palestinian women to become stronger leaders for peace. The trainings have strengthened their capacity to facilitate dialogue meetings, improved their public speaking skills and provided them with storytelling coaching from veteran facilitators.

With more trained female facilitators, the Parents Circle is better equipped to hold “Women to Women” Dialogue meetings. Newly trained female facilitators have held two Women to Women Dialogue Meetings since their training.  By sharing their personal narratives of loss and and their choice of reconciliation, the women draw the groups together. Individuals from the “other side” are no longer seen as enemies to be hated or feared but as humans who want to be acknowledged and respected.

This past weekend, more than 150 Israeli and Palestinian Parents Circle members, staff and alumni of the Parents Circle’s Narrative Project marched together in solidarity at the Freedom March in honor of International Women’s Day.

As part of PCFF’s “Narratives for Change” project, Israeli and Palestinian women come together regularly for “Women to Women” Dialogue meetings. Here, the participants are given a safe space to share personal narratives about those they’ve lost in the conflict, and to share questions, expectations, fears, and hopes about ongoing reconciliation and peace efforts.

Thank you to all who generously contributed to our Indiegogo campaign and for helping make this opportunity possible for so many women!