American Friends of the Parents Circle

American Friends of the Parents Circle-Families Forum shares the human side
of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with the American public
in order to foster a peace and reconciliation process.

The Parents Circle Families Forum is a joint Israeli-Palestinian
organization made up of more than 600 bereaved families. Their common bond
is that they have lost a close family member to the conflict.
But instead of choosing revenge, they have chosen a path of reconciliation.



What’s New

Parents Circle Visiting Bay Area, CA in Nov 2018!

The Parents Circle – Families Forum will be visiting San Francisco, San Jose, and Berkeley next month. Please join our bereaved members, Robi Damelin and Mazen Faraj, at the following free public events:

Wed., Nov. 7: Chochmat HaLev
Thurs., Nov. 8: JCF San Francisco
Fri., Nov. 9: Temple Emanu-El (San Jose)


The Human Cost Of USAID Funding Cuts

For nearly 10 years, the Parents Circle has partnered with USAID to engage thousands of Israelis and Palestinians in the Parallel Narrative Experience — a several-month long module made up of unilateral and joint workshops and dialogue activities to recognize, learn about, and acknowledge the personal, national and historical narratives of the “other” and to support both sides in building trust, generating empathy, and humanizing the other.


Your support helps us continue and expand our groundbreaking projects. Your tax-deductible donation goes to support activities among Israelis and Palestinians planting seeds of reconciliation throughout our region.