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Letters of Hope

This year, on International Peace Day, bereaved Israeli and Palestinian parents
wrote letters to children they lost due to the conflict.

They are left with their memories, their empty rooms and a drive to make sure
that no one else suffers the same loss and pain.

No more deaths. No more empty rooms.


Parents Circle – Families Forum 2019 Annual Report

American Friends of the
Parents Circle-Families Forum
shares the human side of the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict with
the American public in order to
foster a peace and reconciliation process.


American Friends of the Parents Circle - Families Forum

American Friends of the Parents Circle – Families Forum shares the human side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with the American public in order to foster a peace and reconciliation process.

The Parents Circle – Families Forum is a joint Israeli-Palestinian organization made up of more than 600 bereaved families. Their common bond is that they have lost a close family member to the conflict. But instead of choosing revenge, they have chosen a path of reconciliation.

What’s New

You are our source of hope

When we embarked on this journey as Co-Directors of the Parents Circle this past June, we knew it would not be easy working against the current of prejudices, eroding trust, and shallow, violent rhetoric. As active members of the Parents Circle, we were well prepared for this challenge.

What surprised us during these few months was the amount of support and encouragement from the most remote and unexpected venues. 

Get your hopes up!

We are getting our hopes up. The U.S. election results are one step in the right direction. Now, we need to restore hope for Israeli-Palestinian peace. 

Even though we can’t meet on the ground, we haven’t given up hope. We have moved all of our education programs online. We meet, we engage in dialogue, we learn, we teach, we humanize the other, and we find the path to reconciliation.

Your support helps us continue and expand our groundbreaking projects. Your tax-deductible donation goes to support activities among Israelis and Palestinians planting seeds of reconciliation throughout our region.

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