What is the Israeli Ministry of Education So Afraid of?
A Dialogue Meeting on Bereavement, Hope, & Peace Education

Join us to hear from bereaved, Palestinian brother, Mohammad Abu Jafar and bereaved Israeli sister, Anat Marnin. They shared their stories of loss and why they chose reconciliation over revenge.

Last month, the Israeli Ministry of Education decided to expel the Parents Circle’s Dialogue Meeting program from Israeli high schools.

Find out why the Israeli Ministry of Education is so afraid of these two people sharing their stories with Israeli youth.

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About the speakers

Muhammad Abu Jfar

Mohammad Abu Jafar lives in Jenin, in the Occupied West Bank, Palestine. He has been a member of the Parents Circle since 2016. On October 24, 2002, when Mohamed was 14, his 16-year old brother was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers, who then opened fire around the body, injuring 10 others and preventing others from aiding Mohamed’s brother. This tragedy led Mohamed to study nursing. Today he works as a Quality Manager at the Palestinian Ministry of Health. He has taken part in the Parents Circle’s Young Ambassadors for Peace Program, and as a facilitator and manager for the organization’s Youth Summer Camp.


Anat Marnin, a Dance-Movement Therapist from Tel-Aviv, was 16 years old when she lost both her brothers in the 1973 war, on the same day and approximately at the same time in two different frontiers:  Pinky, aged 23, in the Golan heights, and Yair, aged 19, in the Sinai desert. Anat remained her parents’ only child. Anat joined the PCFF 15 years ago, when as a mother she felt the urge to take action in order to create a better world for her children and the coming generations. She contributes to the Parents Circle as a facilitator and lecturer in various educational and pro-peace advocacy programs, always with a Palestinian partner at her side. Anat works for the Ministry of Education as a therapist and supervisor, both on local and national levels.

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