Embroidering for Peace

When our team learned about the USAID funding cuts, we were devastated. We sat down to plan how we maintain our priorities under new constraints. One of the first questions we asked ourselves is “what are we not willing to give up on”?

We agreed we would not give up on the projects our Israeli and Palestinian alumni established. We couldn’t say to our alumni, “sorry, but we don’t have the funds – you have to stop being activists.”

Embroidering for Peace is one such project. Our alumni bring Palestinian women to teach Israeli women Palestinian embroidery.  Through art and culture, we found a bridge to engage some who would normally shy away from  dialogue activities.  Bereaved, Palestinian, mother, Bushra, shares her story of losing her son and why she chose to join the Parents Circle.

“While we were sitting and sewing, I felt time standing still. A sense of togetherness that stops time – in this, there is peace between us, and these are moments of grace.”

–Embroidery Project participant

There is a strong demand for the workshops. We knew we had to find a way to make it happen. We asked the Israeli women to pay 100 NIS to take part. The Israeli alumni volunteer to drive the Palestinian women to the workshop. We are piecing it together.

Help us raise $12,000 to support the Embroidery Workshops.

Can we count on you? Let our female Israeli and Palestinian alumni know that you’re not willing to give up on them either.

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