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Emergency Webinar

Expelled from Israeli Schools
Significance and Next Steps

Join us to learn more about the Ministry of Education’s decision to expel the Parents Circle from Israeli high schools.

Hear from Parents Circle’s bereaved members, board members, our legal team and new partner organization, the Education Guard.

What does this mean for the Parents Circle and Israel’s eroding democracy? What are the next steps and how will we fight back?

While this decision impacts the bereaved families who lost their closest loved ones, it primarily hurts our youth and Israeli society as a whole.

Our Dialogue Meeting program offers hundreds of Israeli young people each year the opportunity to meet, listen and engage in dialogue with someone from the other side. This opportunity is not available through any other educational program. Minister Kish’s decision undermines the pursuit of peace and reconciliation.

The outrageous decision is a deliberate attempt to deny Israeli students the opportunity to learn about the human cost of the conflict on both sides and the opportunity to cultivate peace.

Stand with the Parents Circle Against Government Attacks

Our Youth Summer Camp and Dialogue Meetings in High Schools are under threat from the Israeli government.

Donate today to our Emergency Campaign. Learn more about the ways we’re fighting back against these attacks and what actions you’re supporting here.

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