Invite Us To Your Community

Our bereaved Israeli and Palestinian spokespersons have shared their stories to communities across the U.S. Inviting them to your community is a great way to share our message of reconciliation and peace at your university, place of worship, or elsewhere.

At our speaking events, we share a brief video. Following that, our members share their personal stories of loss and their unique choice to seek reconciliation. They then facilitate a questions and answers session with attendees.

There are some fees associated with organizing a speaking engagement:

• An honorarium of $1800, which goes to support the peacebuilding work of the Parents Circle
• Domestic airfare to the city where the presentation will take place
• Local accommodation reimbursement (hotel accommodations) for the two speakers
• Reimbursement of local transportation costs to and from the speaking venue

The funds can come from the organization itself, can be pooled in partnership with other organizations in the area, or contributed by sponsors.

If you would like us to speak in your community, please form out the form below.