Letters of Hope

This year, on International Peace Day, bereaved Israeli and Palestinian parents wrote letters to children they lost due to the conflict.
They are left with their memories, their empty rooms and a drive to make sure that no one else suffers the same loss and pain.
No more deaths.  No more empty rooms.

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“Mahmoud, you were the first real joy in my life. I waited for you for five years, for you to bring light into my world. I miss you so much when all the family is sitting round the table and you are not there with us. This brings on such deep pain that you are gone. I did not want you to leave the house on that terrible day…”

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“David my beloved, not a day goes by without your haunting smile that touches my very being. They all told me the day you died that it is terrible now but you will learn to live with this pain next to you. In a way that is true, but still I guess the hole in my heart will never heal…”

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Kamal & Tayseer

“My Darling Sweet Boys, Kamal, meaning perfection, and Tayseer, meaning to make things possible – this is the first time I am able to write to you after so many years. There is not a day when I do not think about you and wonder what you would be doing now and how many grandchildren you would have given me as a gift.”

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“Ahalan, my sweet Smadari, So many years have passed since that horrible day, where you suddenly disappeared from our lives forever, and yet to this day, whenever I open my phone and see your sweet face, my heart stops short and my blood freezes. You exist within me. All the time.”

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“My Darling Daughter Irene, How I miss you. You are in my memories all the time. Every day I see your image; I hear your voice and I see the interaction with your sisters. You were the one with the most compassion. You were the one who never said no to my requests, and you always supported me…”

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My dear Nimrodi, I’m on one of the visits to the military cemetery, to your grave, just a few days before Memorial Day. I was wondering what the date is today. I realize that as of August 9, 2006, every day is August 9. Every day is the day you are missing and every day has the same meaning: you are gone...”

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“My darling Shuokat or Abu Alshush, my name for you when I am missing you most, Everything reminds me of you. I remember when you were so ill. You and I faced the difficulties together until Allah made you better. I think about you when I am with your brothers and father, but you are not there.”

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