Meet Our Alumni


My name is Rasha, and I’m a Palestinian from Beit Jala. I participated in the Parents Circle’s Parallel Narrative group for women in 2016. In this project, I and the other women– both Palestinians and Israelis together– shared our feelings, and talked about the cultural and personal narratives that shape our lives and the way we view “the other side.”

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My name is Arnon, and I’m from Hod Hasharon, Israel. I took part in the Parallel Narrative group for bereaved people from both sides. My uncle was killed in the Six Days War. I was named after him, and even though my family lost him before I was born, I have carried his memory with me my whole life.

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I was born in Israel, the pampered little sister of 2 older brothers, growing up in a small town in the north of the country. When the time came, like all other Israeli youth, my brothers were recruited for military service, and had great plans for afterwards. And then the war broke out. Continue reading “Anat”


My name is Bushra Awwad, and I’m a mother of eight from Hebron. I lost my beloved son, a young and beautiful boy studying for his final year of high school, to an Israeli sniper. I initially said that if I were to meet the man who killed my son, even after 100 years, I would kill him. Continue reading “Bushra”