You can keep hope alive in 2020

"We had an amazingly moving meeting. This is one of the moving moments we had in which one of the Palestinian women asked all the women to stand in a moment of silence to commemorate victims of violence on both sides."

We hit our first goal in our campaign to save the Parallel Narrative Experience in 2020!

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Our 40th PNE group recently completed the National Narrative Tours segment. The 30 Israeli and Palestinian women in the group visited two sites– the village of Lifta and Yad Vashem. 

Both of these visits help the group members explore the national traumas that Israelis and Palestinians carry.

The group touring Lifta, an Arab village that was destroyed by Israeli forces in the 1948 Nakba
Visit to Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem
“I learned something new today, as it was new to me to see an Israeli as a human, and to learn that she wants to live in peace as well.”
Palestinian participant
40th Parallel Narrative Experience
"It gave me hope to see that this kind of meetings happen and that dialogue can take place despite the pain on both sides."
Israel participant
40th Parallel Narrative Experience

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