The 12th Annual Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony

“You have to love this land and love people in order to see that between the sea and the Jordan there is space for two nations. The space is in the heart.”

On April 30th, Combatants for Peace– in partnership with the Combatants for PeaceParents Circle– held the 12th Annual Memorial Day Ceremony.

This incredible and unique event, which allows individuals from both sides of the conflict to come together in a common cry for peace and recognition of the pain of the other side, saw a number of successes. Despite violent protests from right-wing groups who threatened attendees as they entered the building, over 4,000 Israelis filled the arena in Tel Aviv. Despite the Israeli government’s refusal to allow 225 Palestinian attendees and speakers into the country to participate, over 600 Israelis and Palestinians attended a sister ceremony organized over the weekend in Beit Jala.

Watch the entire 2017 Ceremony here

“This cause is noble. It’s to stop the streams of blood on both sides and to search for a path to restore freedom, honor, hope and equality for both peoples.”
–Marianne Sa’adeh, bereaved sister and ceremony speaker

American Communities Mark Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day

On Sunday, our friends and partners across the US organized seven events across the country– in New York City, Washington, D.C., Boston, Fort Collins, Oakland, and Seattle– and they joined hundreds of individuals around the globe— in places like Zurich, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, London, and elsewhere— in standing together with those who have paid the highest price in the conflict.



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