We quickly mobilize to stand together on Memorial Day

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As you know, tonight is the Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony, during which Israelis and Palestinians stand together to remember the lost loved ones and speak in one voice to prevent further bereavement.

What you may not know is that the nearly 300 Palestinians who wished to participate in the Tel Aviv event have been denied entry by the Government of Israel to enter Israel. In response, the Parents Circle and Combatants for Peace have quickly organized a “sister” event in Beit Jala, the West Bank where many of the Palestinians will participate in the Ceremony from and watch the livestream of the event in Tel Aviv. Israelis have been invited in mass to join them in Beit Jala and many of our program alumni and friends will be headed to as I write to stand in solidarity and be together, permits or no permits.

Please join us in support of our Israeli and Palestinian members today, more than ever, who continue the struggle and in memory of all their lost loved ones.

If you cannot be at the U.S. based events today in NY, DC, Los Angeles, Boston, Fort Collins, or Oakland, please join us today on the livestream at 2:00 PM EST: http://cfpeace.org/projects/memorial-day/


In solidarity,

Shiri Ourian
Executive Director
American Friends of the Parents Circle

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