We did it!

“During my first meeting, it took me minutes to understand that the color of blood of both sides is the same and there is no difference between the color and taste of my tears and the color and taste of the tears of a Palestinian woman who lost her son.”

Bereaved father Ben Kfir

We did it! We reached our campaign goal of $30,000 to support Dialogue Meetings between Israelis and Palestinians. Thank you to all those who supported the campaign. If you didn’t get a chance, it’s not too late!  We’ve stretched our goal in the hopes to raise $36,000 for a total of 45 Dialogue Meetings.


If you missed the Dialogue Meeting webinar last week between Ben Kfir (above) and Moira Jilani, it was an eye-opener into the power of reconciliation and the impact of our Dialogue Meetings.

Here is a recording of the webinar. Please take a moment to watch and share it with those who would be interested and moved by it.

According to external evaluation of the Dialogue Meeting participants:

  • 73% felt they had achieved a deeper understanding of the conflict and of the other
  • 80% in our women’s dialogue meetings were interested in deepening the dialogue with women from the other side
  • 68% were interested in taking action to promote peace and reconciliation

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