It’s not often that we celebrate. We are far too often focused on death, bereavement and violence.

But today, we are celebrating 20 years of youth peace education. It was 20 years ago we held our first Summer Program for youth. For 20 years we have held Dialogue Meetings with Palestinian and Israeli youth in classrooms and informal settings. For two decades, the Parents Circle has changed the hearts and minds of young Israelis and Palestinians who know each other only through the stereotypes, media and propaganda.

Over the past 20 years, PCFF has held more than 7,000 Dialogue Meetings, with more than 250,000 participants.

As those who have paid the highest price to the conflict, we are proud to say that we have made a difference. We know that:



Day 3 in the camp Dialogue meeting with PCFF members

Youth Summer Camp

Each summer, the Parents Circle holds a summer program for peace and reconciliation in several locations around Israel. The program began in 2003. It brings together 40 Israeli and Palestinian teens, ages 14 to 18, for five days. Through shared trips, activities and workshops, the participants are exposed to the culture, lifestyle and customs of both sides – what they think about, their dreams and what they have in common and their differences.

Dialogue Meeting 2017 3

Dialogue Meetings

Dialogue meetings offer an opportunity for Palestinians and Israelis to meet each other—often for the first time in their lives—and listen to the perspective of the “other.” Both sides tell deeply personal stories of loss and grief, hatred and fear; they also tell of a journey with the personal decision to engage in reconciliation instead of revenge and violence. In 2021 alone, over 7,500 Israelis, Palestinians, and internationals were exposed to PCFF members’ stories of loss, grief, and hope for a reconciled future.

Yigal Elhanan and Arab Aramin

Young Ambassadors for Peace

Since 2018, the Parents Circle has worked with a cadre of bereaved Israeli and Palestinian young adults who have either been through our youth programs consistently, or exposed to PCFF messages and activities through their parents’ membership in the organization. These young adults are ready to take on more leadership roles as counselors, youth leaders and dialogue meeting facilitators, to give back to the next group of youth and to serve as ambassadors and role models in their communities. In order to take their leadership to this next level, they require training and capacity building.

Support Peace Education Programs for Youth

Celebrate with us. Your gift makes this work possible. Ensure that Israelis and Palestinians get to know the other side as human beings.
If we can impact one person, prevent one death, change one life, we have made a difference

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To donate by check, please mail to:

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