The Israeli-Palestinian Alumni for Solidarity Project provides an opportunity for alumni of our Parallel Narrative Experience (PNE) program who have gained knowledge, trust and empathy towards the “other side” to take their leadership to the next step. It creates peace leaders on the ground with greater capacity to bring reconciliation to their communities as a counter to the fear and separation on the rise.

Israeli and Palestinian program alumni become change-agents and solidarity activists, bringing our message that there is another way to their home communities.

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Goals and Activities

Project Goals
The goals of the Israeli-Palestinian Alumni For Solidarity Project are to:

1. Enhance the capacity, self-efficacy and ownership of Israeli and Palestinian PNE Alumni as agents of change and peace building.

2. Cultivate participatory, civil engagement in visible non-violent and solidarity actions.

Project Activities
We will raise $65,000 to support the program. The project will include:

• 3 annual conferences
• Capacity-building workshops
• Solidarity and non-violent activities
• 33 language courses in Israel and the West Bank
• Long-term support to a disadvantaged Palestinian community system.

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