Parents Circle in the Media, 2017

We’re seeing the impact of the Jerusalem announcement on the ground

We’re already seeing the impact of the Trump-administration’s announcement on Jerusalem on our activities. We’ve had to cancel activities like a joint Israeli and Palestinian group visit to Yad Vashem for safety concerns and just yesterday, a group of emboldened, Israeli parents forced the cancellation of Parents Circle’s Dialogue Meeting in an Israeli high school where

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In trying times, the will for peace still flickers | Israel21c

Here’s what you see in the headlines lately: A spate of stabbings and shootings across Israel, starting with the death of an Israeli motorist stoned by Palestinian terrorists on September 13, and escalating into daily terror attacks in multiple cities. Here’s what you do not see in the headlines: Israeli

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This Road Will Only Lead To More Graves

By Robi Damelin, bereaved mother and International Relations Spokesperson of The Parents Circle- Families Forum Translated from op-ed piece in Ha’aretz [dropcap]H[/dropcap]ere we go again; how many people have to die before the cycle of violence finally turns for the last time? Revenge being the main tool, we kill, they kill,

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