Meet Itai and Aisha

Meet Israeli, Itai Horowitz and Palestinian, Aisha Alfaris, the Parents Circle’s Board of Directors Chairperson and Vice Chair.

“Tell us a little about yourselves.”

Itai: My family and I live in Tel Aviv. My father, Shmuel, was killed in an attack on a bus traveling to Egypt in 1990. I became an active member of the Parents Circle a few years ago. I took part in the Parallel Narrative Experience and I am a Dialogue Meeting facilitator.

Aisha: I lost my brother to the conflict and joined the Parents Circle in 2007 to protect my children. I believe wholeheartedly in the message of the organization, in knowing the “other side” through dialogue and reconciliation. 

“Why did you volunteer to accept this role on the Board?”

Itai: There was a lot of frustration following the outbreak of the pandemic, because we saw how much it affected our programs.  It was clear to me that there would need to be a huge process of learning and adjustment in the organization.

Aisha: My choice stemmed from my deep faith in the Parents Circle and its goals. I want to advance our messages of peace, even in the face of the difficult circumstances both Israelis and Palestinians are going through because of the conflict.

“What are your priorities as a board member?”

Itai: We have a unique voice within the peace community, a voice that stems from our pain. That voice lends itself to our approach to understanding the other side and to reconciliation. We need to work to strengthen the relationships between members, especially now, during the pandemic, when we cannot meet. 

Aisha: For me, it’s important to keep our members of all ages engaged in our peace activities. It’s important to me also to reach out to lapsed members and try to re-engage them. I’m also interested in conveying the unique voice we have to as many people as possible– Israelis, Palestinians, and worldwide.

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