My 2020 Resolutions

by Robi Damelin
Bereaved Israeli mother
Parents Circle – Families Forum

It’s simple to make a personal New Year’s resolution, which you inevitably break by January 2nd. But it’s another matter entirely to make resolutions on behalf of an organization, especially an organization made up of Palestinian and Israeli bereaved families. Imagine the trust involved and the goodwill from both sides when decisions are made. One cannot take the joint decision for a New Year’s resolution for granted. We cannot take back our decisions on January 2nd. Lives may be at stake.

Here is what we resolve to do in 2020:


We will speak to anyone willing to listen, even if we do not agree with the listener. If we don’t, they will become more radical.


We will bring more women to the peace table. That means we will spend as much time as possible in Dialogue Meetings, both in Israel and in Palestine. Almost all of the Palestinian women we meet with have never before met an Israeli who is not in uniform or who is not a settler. Almost all Israelis have never engaged with a Palestinian, let alone listened to their narrative.


With your help, we will continue the Parallel Narrative Experience. We will have at least another 100 alumni from this transformational project to join the 1,000+ active peace leaders in their communities.


We will bring more Israeli and Palestinian young people to the summer camp. As well, we will create opportunities for the 50 attendees at this summer’s program to continue to meet with one another.


We will train more Young Ambassadors for Peace to be as active as possible in their societies.


We will act with empathy, compassion, and non-violence, even in the darkest of times.

How will you help us achieve these profound resolutions in 2020?

In peace and gratitude,

Robi Damelin
Bereaved Israeli mother and spokesperson
Parents Circle – Families Forum