Parents Circle Under Attack

Right-wing threats to school peace program

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Monday, February 28th

12:30 PM EST (19:30 Jerusalem, 17:30 London)

The Parents Circle is one of the few joint Israeli-Palestinian organizations that the Israeli Ministry of Education allows to speak to Israeli high school students under its flagship Dialogue Meetings project.

Over the past few years, right-wing activists, together with Member of Knesset, Ben-Gvir, have been organizing demonstrations, protests and attacks on our bereaved members outside of the schools where Parents Circle is scheduled to speak and, more recently, in the Israeli Knesset.

Protestors shout “revenge” and “death to terrorists” outside Israeli schools creating fear and threats where our bereaved Palestinians and Israelis come to speak.

Hear from Israeli educator, Ofer Shorr, bereaved Palestinian facilitator, Mohammad Albaw, and Israeli co-Director, Yuval Rahamim discuss the attacks we are facing, how we are combatting these attacks on the ground and in Israeli Parliament and how you can help.

About the speakers

Ofer Schorr

Ofer Shorr lives in Haifa, Israel where he teaches literature at a local high school. He is involved in social and political activism around the occupation of Palestine. Ofer is an alumnus of the Parents Circle’s Parallel Narrative Project. He has brought bereaved Israeli and Palestinian Parents Circle members to share their stories with students at his school.


Mohammad Albaw lives in Halhul in Hebron. In 2002, his brother, Firas, was killed by Israeli soldiers when he approached an army checkpoint. Mohammad joined the Parents Circle in 2005. He serves as a facilitator for the organizations Dialogue Meetings program, sharing his story of loss and reconciliation in Israeli schools and elsewhere.

Roma, 24/02/2015: Yuval Rahamim e Mohammed Alnajjar di Parents Circle-Families Forum, associazione composta da famiglie israeliane e palestinesi che hanno avuto in comune la sorte di vedere i propri familiari morire a causa del conflitto, incontrano gli studenti del liceo Virgilio.

Yuval Rahamim’s father, Abraham Rahamim, was killed in 1967 while serving in the Six Day War. Yuval was 8 years old at the time. He joined the Parents Circle in 2010 and served as President of the board from 2011-2014. Since December 2015, Yuval has chaired the Israeli Peace NGOs Forum, an association for empowerment and cooperation of more than 120 Israeli and bi-national Peace organizations. He has served as the Israeli co-Director of the Parents Circle – Families Forum since 2020.


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Shiri Ourian
Executive Director
American Friends of the Parents Circle – Families Forum

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