You are our source of hope

Osama Abuayyash (left) and Yuval Rahamim
(Photographer: Vardi Kahana)

When we embarked on this journey as Co-Directors of the Parents Circle this past June, we knew it would not be easy working against the current of prejudices, eroding trust, and shallow, violent rhetoric. As active members of the Parents Circle, we were well prepared for this challenge.

What surprised us during these few months was the amount of support and encouragement from the most remote and unexpected venues. Often the situation here in our region seems so stuck and frustrating. We have been so moved by the level of acknowledgment our work receives and how far across the world our message of reconciliation continues to travel.

On this day of thanks, we are so grateful for our loyal, American supporters who continue to remind us that our voice is heard and our purpose is just. 

We will not stop until peace and reconciliation come to this holy land. 

Thanks to you, we held almost 300 Dialogue Meetings for approximately 7,500 Israelis, Palestinians and internationals. As a result of these meetings:

  • 72% reported an increase in levels of empathy towards the other. 
  • 69% reported an increase in their optimistic feelings towards the possibility of peace. 
  • 76% reported a desire to know more about the “other side.” 
  • 80% reported that they will share their experience with friends and/or family

In peace,

Yuval Rahamim and Osama Abuayyash
Parents Circle – Families Forum