Get your hopes up!

"Even though we don't have peace,
we still have hope."
Layla Alshekh
Bereaved Palestinian mother and Parents Circle member

We are getting our hopes up. The U.S. election results are one step in the right direction. Now, we need to restore hope for Israeli-Palestinian peace. 

Even though we can’t meet on the ground, we haven’t given up hope. We have moved all of our education programs online. We meet, we engage in dialogue, we learn, we teach, we humanize the other, and we find the path to reconciliation. 

We still need to raise $120,000 this year to support our programs. 
Give the gift of hope today.

Hope Meter

With your support, this year, we have been able to:

  • Hold more than 300 Dialogue Meetings reaching 7,500 Israelis and Palestinians
  • Train 100 Israeli teachers to work with students around the Dialogue Meeting
  • Host a joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony for more than 200,000 people around the world!