We made our goal!

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We made our goal! The Israeli and Palestinian Youth Summer Program is now 127% funded. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the campaign and who helped spread the word, we are now able to send 34 participants to the joint Israeli and Palestinian Youth Summer Program.

Our work doesn’t end here. We can still bring more Israeli and Palestinian youth together for a rare opportunity of narrative exchange, meeting the other side and dialogue for a 5-day program.

Help us raise an additional $3,000 to allow 4 more Israeli and Palestinian youth to attend this year, at no cost to them.


The Youth Summer Program starts in 3 days! Donate now so as many young people as possible can come together for this rare and unique opportunity to share in each other’s cultures, dialogue, and learn how to be the next generation of peace leaders.

“To me, the PCFF is a place of refuge.”
Palestinian participant, 2013 PCFF Youth Summer Program

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