We made our goal!

We made our goal! The Parents Circle’s Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign, If They Can Choose Peace…Anyone Can, is at 102%! Thanks to your generosity, we raised $15,276 to support our outreach team and to help bereaved Israelis and Palestinians become peace advocates within their communities.

The funds you helped us raise will be used to support our outreach team to meet with those who have lost a loved one to the conflict, and will provide the opportunity for new members to cross-borders and meet with “the other side,” which helps to undermine stereotypes, discover the humanity of the “enemy,” and foster a deep empathy.

Source of Hope Foundation pledged a $10,000 matching gift if we made our goal. That means you helped us raise $25,276 for the cause of reconciliation!

Thank you again for your generous contributions, and for sharing this important campaign!

Parents Circle Welcomed by US Congress

As part of their 2016 Fall US Tour, the Parents Circle’s Israeli and Palestinian spokespersons, Robi Damelin and Bassam Aramin, met with Congressional leaders In Washington, D.C..

During this visit, which coincided with Peace Day activities, Damelin and Aramin spoke about our Taking Steps In The Path For Peace project, our new socialbusiness featuring shoes and patches embroidered by the Parents Circle’s Women’s Group. Our speakers were supported by Reps. DeGette, Kildee, Takano, Schakowsky, Matsui, Guttierez, Capps, Lee, Murphy, Brooks, Loebsack, Elmers, Shimkus, Barton, Upton, Clarke.

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