"We know all too well the price of violence, by governments or citizens and we refuse to let them continue. We demand that settler violence be held accountable. We will continue to visit Palestinian villages and show our support until the violence stops.”

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Recent surges in settler violence have brought invasions of Palestinian homes, destruction of Palestinian property, fear and even injury. Much of the settler violence has been without reproach or accountability.

Settler violence in the West Bank is a longstanding part of Palestinian daily life. But, the situation has worsened in recent months and has created an atmosphere of intimidation, terror and destruction.

Bereaved Palestinian members called an emergency meeting with their Israeli counterparts. They reported an intense level of fear for their safety, the safety of their colleagues and staff members.

Bereaved Israelis acknowledged the deteriorating situation. They expressed their solidarity with their Palestinian counterparts and the victims of settler violence.

In response, the Parents Circle has launched a Solidarity Campaign.

There is a strong presence of Israelis and Palestinians standing together who will not permit such violent acts.


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Visit to Tubas

In early October, bereaved Israeli and Palestinian members of the Parents Circle visited the Palestinian village near Tubas — a Bedouin village that continues to suffer from damage and destruction at the hands of Israeli settlers.

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Supply Truck to Tubas

Following the initial visit to Tubas, Parents Circle members distributed aid materials to the villagers, with the help of the “Sabaya al-Khair” organization. PCFF co-Directors, Osama Abu Ayyash and Yuval Rahamim, have also pledged to use PCFF’s media channels to raise global awareness of the attacks on the villagers.

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Olive Harvest in at-Tuwani

On October 22nd, dozens of bereaved Palestinian and Israeli members of the Parents Circle participated in a solidarity activity in the Palestinian village of at-Tuwani in the south Hebron Hills. PCFF members aided local farmers in harvesting olives.

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Wadi Fukin 8

Visit to Wadi Fukin

On October 27th, Parents Circle members visited the West Bank village of Wadi Fukin, near Bethlehem. They heard from residents about daily life in the village and about the problems they face from settlers. The village is surrounded by Israeli settlements.

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Picnic 3

Members Picnic

On November 5th, after two years of separation and zooming,  Palestinian and Israeli Parents Circle members and their families came from across the northern and southern West Bank and Israelis came in to meet with them at the Dead Sea.

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Israeli and Palestinian members of the Parents Circle during tour of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, Dec. 25

The Struggle in Sheikh Jarrah

On Christmas Day, 50 activists from the Parents Circle – Families Forum travelled to the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem to demonstrate solidarity with the struggle of the 600 Palestinians living there. The Israeli government has increased pressure to evict families from their homes in the neighborhood.

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Support the Solidarity Campaign

Make a contribution today to support the peacebuilding work of bereaved Israeli & Palestinian families standing in solidarity with Palestinian communities affected by settler violence

To donate by check, please mail to:

American Friends of the Parents Circle
4 E 95th St 5C
New York, NY 10128

To donate by check, please mail to:

American Friends of the Parents Circle
4 E 95th St 5C
New York, NY 10128

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